Mrs. Rice's 4th and 5th Grade Looping Class

Grenada Upper Elementary School

Back to School!!


Hello!  Welcome Back!!  I hope everyone has had a fun and safe summer.  It is GREAT seeing all the kids again.  Believe me, they just picked right up where we left off!!  They have been so excited about seeing each other.  They have talked and talked to catch up!! 

The words and definitions for each story are going to be posted on the web page titled Vocab/Spelling.  I hope this helps you with studing with the kids.  We are working on responsibility and I promise you things will get better with them.  You will see a lot of growth and maturity this year.  I am leaving the old lists on the web for next year's class....the first week is The Diary of Leigh Botts.  The rest will follow in the reading book. 

Check out the photo web site....  Look under 2007-2008 Looping Class.  There are TONS of pictures from last year posted.  The ones from our lake trip are too cute.  I will be updating htis folder on a regular basis.....ya'll know how I love to take their pictures!  Keep a check on it so you want miss anything exciting or even FUNNY!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Sincerely, Kim Rice




Weekly Tests and Homework

As I have told some of you, I do not like to give homework.  We work hard from the moment we come into the classroom until the bell rings in the afternoon.  Your children are given responsibilities, and I have high expectations of them in the classroom.  I feel that they need a break to get out and play or rest when they get home.  Therefore, our homework/test schedule will be the same each week. 

The students will receive 20 vocabulary words and definitions on Monday each week.  These words will serve as our spelling words and vocabulary words.  Each night the students need to take 5 words, study the words, write the words five times each, and make a sentence with them.  On Friday, I will take up the week's homework, give a spelling test and vocabulary test on the words.  Please help your child each night rather than wait till Thursday night to study.  The purpose of this is to teach them study skills that will benefit them throughout their high school and college years.  We read the selection in reading on Tuesday.  The students will also have a comprehension test dealing with questions from each week's story on Friday.

Math tests will be given periodically on no specified date.  I will test on skills that we adequately cover in the classroom.  We have also started our timed test reviews.  Some of the students have forgotten their multiplication facts over the summer.  Please work with these each night for awhile for review.  Social studies and science grades will be given for class work and projects.  The majority of grades will be given for classwork and participation.  However, I will begin teaching the students "how" to study and will require them to take some tests and answer some questions for grades.  I will limit the amount of memorization facts that they have to know, but I will be requiring them to demonstrate what they know through their writing.   

This may all sound overwhelming to you, as parents, but let me assure you that your child is already adjusting.  The children will learn our routine and you will be surprised at how well they do.  Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any concerns or questions.  AR and AM is now up and running.  We have not gotten all the bugs worked out yet, but we have begun.  I am excited about getting us all started with that. Some students have already mastered 5 or more objectives in AM.  We added a new computer for AR WOO HOO... maybe help has arrived.

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